ONLINE TEAM CHECK IN DEADLINE: Thursday, Feb 20 at 5:00 PM


Northeast Futsal Fest Check In and Additional Information 


    • ALL Teams MUST check in One (1) hour prior to their first game of the tournament by Northeast Futsal Staff

    • Rosters/Waivers are all required 

    • Before each game – Check In with referee with “Approved” Roster Only

  • Check In for “Love of the Game Cup”

    • ALL Teams MUST check in One (1) hour prior to first game of tournament 

    • Rosters/Waivers are all required

    • Make sure to get Rosters “Approved” by Northeast Futsal staff

    • Must have approved rosters on hand throughout the tournament

  • Finals for International and Love of the Game

    • ALL Teams MUST Check In with Referee with Approved Roster that was checked at original check in

Roster Rules

  • Maximum roster size 15

  • Teams are allowed 3 guest players only – Must be on Roster – club pass players count as a “guest” player

  • Rosters – You may write in guest players as long as passcard/waiver documentation is provided

  • Roster – The roster being used prior to game must match roster uploaded at check in online

  • Player pass: A player may  play on two teams in the same club in the same tournament as long as it is different brackets. Must be pre-registered on both rosters – can be written in as guest. However, cannot be two teams in the SAME BRACKET. PLAYERS can play for two different clubs in the same event but in different divisions. 

  • Player verification: the referee may require that both teams provide one copy of your Official roster. 

    • Verifying players: referees must inspect the player’s identity with the player’s photograph on their pass card. 

    • Disagreement in data: If there is a discrepancy in a player pass card, the player shall not be allowed to play in the match – the referee is to retain the player pass in question and report to tournament directors. 

  • Please be sure to have copies of your rosters and passcards with you on hand throughout the tournament. Referees may check these before a game. 

  • If you play with more than the maximum number on a roster without written confirmation from the tournament committee – the game will become a forfeit. 

Match Rules

Northeast Futsal Festival Rules can be found HERE>>>